Upcoming Services


7th - Rev David Priddy

14th - Mark Gilks

21st - Bron Coveney

28th - Rev Kan Yu, Holy Communion

Previous Services 2022

January 2022

2nd - Rev Kan Yu, Covenant Service

9th - Joyce Pegg

16th - Tim Yu

23rd - Bronwyn Coveney

30th - Tim Coveney

February 2022

6th - Rev Kan Yu, Holy Communion

13th - Nick White

20th - Denise Tomlinson (Local Arrangement)

27th - Hazel Greasby (Local Arrangement)

March 2022

6th - Rev Kan Yu (Holy Communion)

13th - Local Arrangement (Alfie Evans)

20th - Local Arrangement (Anne O'Neil, Healing Service)

27th - Nick White

April 2022

3rd - Rev David Innes (Holy Communion)

10th - Mark Gilks

Maundy Thursday, East Molesey, 7:30PM - Rev David Innes

17th - Tim Coveney

24th - Rev David Innes

May 2022

1st - Robert Mortimer

8th - Rev David Priddy (Holy Communion)

15th - Bron Coveney

22nd - Local Arrangement (Lynne Richardson)

29th - Andy Dye

June 2022

5th - Rev David Innes, Holy Communion

12th - Local Arrangement (Hazel Greasby)

19th - Nick White

26th - Local Arrangement

July 2022

3rd - Andy Dye

10th - Ade Benson

17th - Local Arrangement (Doris Bransom)

24th - Rev Kan Yu, Holy Communion

31st - Joyce Pegg

Previous Services 2021

January, February and March 2021

Services were circuit wide on YouTube or on Zoom with the church. Contact us if you would like to watch them back.

April 2021

Easter Sunday, 4th - Ade Benson

11th - Rev Kan Yu, Holy Communion

18th - Monika Eilers

25th - Joyce Pegg, with Doris Bramson

May 2021

2nd - Rev Kan Yu, Holy Communion

9th - Tony Dolding

16th - Mark Gilks

23rd - Tim Coveney

30th - Rev David Innes

June 2021

6th - Rev Kan Yu

13th - Andrew Dye

20th - Bron Coveney

27th - Jill Harker / Robert Mortimer

July 2021

4th - Tim Coveney

11th - Local Arrangement with Hazel Greasby [WL]

18th - Rev David Innes, Holy Sacrament

25th - Local Arrangement

August 2021

1st - Rev Kan Yu

8th - Local Arrangement with Alfie Evans [WL]

15th - Tony Dolding

22nd - Rev Kan Yu, Holy Sacrament

29th - Danny Sitton

September 2021

5th - Rev Kan Yu, Holy Communion

12th - Robert Mortimer and Hazel Greasby

19th - Lynne Richardson, Local Arrangement

26th - Tim Coveney

October 2021

3rd, Harvest Festival - Rev Kan Yu, Holy Communion

10th - Tim Yu

17th - Rev David Priddy

24th - Alfie Evans, Local Arrangement

31st - Local Arrangement

November 2021

7th - Rev Kan Yu, Holy Communion

14th - Robert Mortimer, Remembrance Service

21st - Nick White

28th - Mark Gilts

December 2021

5th - Rev Kan Yu, Gift Service and Holy Communion

12th - Alan Jameson

19th - Rev David Innes, Carol Service

Christmas Eve - Christingle Service at Hampton (3:30pm) and Teddington (4:00pm)

Christmas Day - Rev Kan Yu

Boxing Day (26th) - Rev David Innes and Bronwyn Coveney at Hampton

Previous Services 2020

September 2020

6th - Revd Kan Yu

13th - Local Arrangement

20th - Tim Coveney

27th - Revd Kan Yu (Harvest and Holy Communion)

October 2020

4th - Local Arrangement/Denise Tomlinson

11th - Danny Sitton

18th - Tim Coveney

25th - Mark Gilks

November 2020

1st - Revd David Innes

Services for the remaining Sundays in November were circuit wide and online. Contact us if you would like to watch them back.

December 2020

6th - Rev Kan Yu

13th - Andrew Dye

20th - Rev David Innes, Carols

Christmas Day, 10am - Rev Kan Yu, online service

27th - Circuit Service at Hampton Methodist Church and available online