Churchfields Avenue, Hanworth, London, TW13 5NT


The church is simple to approach from any part of the estate via Saxon Avenue from the west, Exeter Road from the south and Watermill Way from the east, all leading to Churchfields Road.

Public Transport:

Nearby buses include:

  • H25 heading towards Butts Farm: Short walk from Churchfields Avenue to Churchfields road.

  • 285 & 490: stop at Apex Corner Hampton Road West (D & U), follow the path adjacent to the A316 briefly to reach Churchfields Road

  • 111: stop at Pevensy Road (AP & AU), take the H25 to Churchfields Avenue from stop Pevensy Road (AP).

Car via A316 (Great Chertsey Road) and A314 (Hounslow/Hanworth Road)